How AI helped me with my Cancer Journey

In this video, ChatGPT, can take complex medical research full of technical terms and translate it into easy-to-understand language, making the science accessible to everyone, regardless of their medical knowledge. ChatGPT helped me understand some really tough medical research about my gene mutation ADH1C.

How to Spot Repetitive ChatGPT language like Immerse Yourself, Deep Dive….

The phrases like “immerse yourself,” “deep dive,” “embark on a journey,” and similar expressions are often seen as engaging or evocative language meant to draw readers in or to emphasize a deeper level of engagement or exploration. These phrases can be grouped under a category of more colorful or imaginative language which is often used to make text more interesting or engaging. Here are some categories and examples where such phrases might fall under:

How AI Can Transform Your Family Story Nights!

Join Paulina Fadrowska from CuriousWithAI as she shows you how to use the world of AI and craft a  family bedtime story. Discover how to use OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALL·E 3 to create personalized stories that will make your family story night unforgettable. Don’t miss out to make every night a magical adventure that teaches, bonds, and delights.