Cosmetics Business AI Demo with Bixa Beauty Founder Deida – LIVE ChatGPT Demo

Witness firsthand how artificial intelligence is not just a tool, but see the future of beauty technology in action with Bixa Beauty’s pioneering vision.

🔴 Timestamps:

00:0001:30: Introduction of the guest, Deida Massie, founder and CEO of Bixa Beauty, which offers a natural, plant-based lipstick line called Lip Whips.

01:3002:30: Discussion on the origins of Bixa Beauty. Deida shares her discovery of a plant called ‘Bixa Orellana’, also known as the lipstick plant, in Zanzibar, which inspired her to create 15 vegan, plant-based, GMO-free, and paraben-free colors.

02:3005:00: The social mission of Bixa Beauty. 10% of sales proceeds go to the Usea Center in Tanzania, helping girls go to school.

05:0010:00: Deida discusses the ‘aha moment’ that led to the creation of her lipstick line and introduces various popular colors like ‘Bella of the Ball’ and ‘Merlo Me’.

10:0015:00: The unique attributes of Bixa lipsticks, including their matte finish and the availability of a lip balm for added moisture. Positive feedback on the product’s feel and application is discussed.

15:0020:00: Conversation shifts to how AI can help small businesses like Bixa Beauty, focusing on marketing and sales enhancement. The importance of the ChatGPT tool and its advanced features is highlighted.

20:0025:00: Deida introduces ‘Monroe’, a new timeless nude color being launched, and discusses the inspiration behind it, which came from customer requests.

25:0030:00: In-depth discussion on how to feed specific company and product information into ChatGPT to generate tailored marketing strategies and campaigns.

30:0031:10: The video concludes with an exploration of various ways AI can assist in brand storytelling and marketing, with specific focus on Bixa Beauty’s new product, Monroe.


Join Paulina of CuriousWithAi as she talks with Deida, the visionary founder of Bixa Beauty, to examine cutting-edge AI tools that are changing the cosmetics industry. In this private one-on-one demo, Paulina introduces owner Deida to the capabilities of ChatGPT and how it can be used to innovate and drive growth at Bixa Beauty. Discover how AI can improve client interaction and streamline content development in beauty business management.

🔴 What we cover:
Introduction to ChatGPT and its features.
A live example of how Bixa Beauty may use AI for marketing, customer service, and product development.
Deida shares her thoughts on the impact of AI on the cosmetics industry.

🔴 Who should watch?
Beauty industry professionals
Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
Tech enthusiasts and inventors.

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