20 Top AI Tools to use into 2024

Writing and Content Creation Blogs, Website Content, & Social Media ( in all honesty, ChatGPT can do all of these.)

  1. ChatGPT: Offers advanced conversational AI capabilities, ideal for creating engaging content.
  2. ClickUp: Your ultimate project manager! This tool isn’t just about getting words on a page; it’s about orchestrating your entire content
  3. Jasper: : Imagine an AI that’s a creative genius for all your writing needs, from blogs to marketing copy. Jasper’s got you covered!
  4. GrammarlyGO: This isn’t just grammar checking; it’s like having a linguist refining every sentence you write!
  5. Wordtune: It’s like having a magic wand to wave over your writing, turning it from ‘meh’ to ‘marvelous’!
  6. Writesonic: Your personal writing assistant, ready to turn your ideas into compelling content.


  1. ChatGPT: Your AI coding buddy, ready to chat about algorithms, debug, and even brainstorm coding projects with you. Converse with ChatGPT
  2. GitHub Copilot: Like having a co-pilot for your coding journey, guiding you through the code galaxy! Explore GitHub Copilot
  3. aiXcoder: This tool predicts your coding future, offering suggestions to make your coding life easier. Check out aiXcoder
  4. TabNine: Imagine a coding assistant that’s always one step ahead, making code completion a breeze! Discover TabNine
  5. Figstack: Think of it as your coding Swiss Army knife, providing tools and insights to enhance your coding craft! Visit Figstack
  6. Cody by Sourcegraph: It’s like having a coding detective, finding and fixing issues before they become a headache! Explore Cody


  1. Spinach Not just a veggie, but your AI meeting enhancer, ensuring your meetings are as efficient as a well-oiled machine!
    1. Efficient Meeting Management: helps keep our meetings on track. It provides tools for agenda setting, timing, and ensuring we cover all planned topics effectively.
    2. Real-Time Collaboration: During the meeting, allows us to collaborate on documents or notes in real-time, making our discussions more productive and actionable.
    3. Action Items and Follow-Ups: One of the key features of is its ability to help us capture and track action items. This means at the end of each meeting, we have a clear list of tasks and responsibilities, improving accountability and follow-through.
    4. Enhanced Participation: encourages active participation from all team members by allowing everyone to contribute to the agenda and have a visible role in the meeting.
    5. Meeting Analytics: Post-meeting analytics provided by can help us understand our meeting patterns and optimize them for efficiency. We can analyze time spent on different topics, participant engagement, and more.
    6. Integration with Google Workspace: Being fully integrated with Google Workspace, seamlessly works with our existing Google Meet setup, making it an easy addition to our workflow.
    7. Record Keeping:’s note-taking and recording features ensure that we have detailed records of each meeting, which is invaluable for team members who were unable to attend or for reviewing discussions at a later date.
  2. Sembly Your AI meeting guru, capturing the essence of every meeting and turning it into actionable insights!
  3. Fireflies Like capturing fireflies in a jar, this tool captures every valuable moment of your meetings!
  4. Krisp Bring clarity to your calls, as Krisp clears out the noise, ensuring crystal-clear communication!

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